Wednesday, August 22, 2007

for the fun of it

last year....

This year...

first day of school

seriously, where did the summer go????? I cannot believe school is here already.
Alayna told me this morning she didn't mind the first day of school, it was all the days after it she didn't like.
Westin asked me if it was bad that she was excited for homework? I told her, More power to her!

the backpacks! (it's ALL about the backpacks!)

(westin is a rather small child...any backpack that can hold a folder is HUGE on her.)

Alayna B---4th grader.

Wessy---1st grader.

mini vacation!!!!

Last week as a pre-school, pre-business opening trip we went to Rockford to meet up with a friend of Mike's (well, he's everyones friend really) from there we went to Madison for 1 day and then to Chicago, then back home. it was quick and fun, and provided some pretty good pics.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Before & After.....



*I did some work on the inside too, but I need to wait for the "finishing touches" before I post them.

My baby is 6!!!

Westin is officially 6 years old!
How crazy is that?????
How old does that make me feel???
*WAY! is the answer to both of the above questions!

random...catching up

this summer we....

had our last day of school: (yes! I am THAT behind)

*** had a lemonade stand:

hung out with the dogs: