Saturday, January 31, 2009

sad confession:

No kids home tonight and what does this crazy party animal do?

Turn up the ipod and....vacuum, at 10pm.

Sad, but rather liberating, I must say!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am jumping on the Not Me! Monday bandwagon, brought to us by MckMama and I'm pretty excited about the situation! I can think of all sorts of things I didn't do. In this week alone actually!

Let's start by saying it is not 10:43 pm on Sunday night and I do not have a 7 yr old who consistently has sleep issues on Sunday night therefore i am NOT letting her lay in my bed because she "doesn't want to waste sleep time reading a book." Who would let her get away with such a thing? Not this mom!

I also have absolutely never let my 11 yr. old play Animal Crossing for 3 hrs on a Saturday because she stayed up too late at a sleepover on Friday night and was a bit more than I wanted to wrangle with at that point in time....never done that.

At no point during this week let alone this day was there EVER 4 loads of laundry to fold, all in baskets, all at the same time. I did not let my 7 yr. old stay up a little past bedtime just so I would have company to pass the time.

I would never call my 7 yr old to ask if there was anything she wanted to take for treats for her half birthday that I could buy, because after a 9 hour day, skotcharoos were just too much work. what kind of lame-ass-mom would do that? a LAZY one that's who! not me! I did not get off the hook with brownies, from a box that required a mere 3 ingredients from my kitchen! I don't know who you take me for? but that woman is not me.

I did not buy flooring at IKEA planning on my dad helping me install it, without checking with him. That has bad idea written all over it. Not one of my ideas. nope. not mine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I just love this picture.

she looks like such a teenager, doesn't she?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I generally try to be a nice person, and I think I succeed. (I said generally, Josh)
But I saw this site and i think there is much more I and everyone can do every day. So from now on I am going to try harder, and see what happens.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

slacker is how this goes. I have a post in my head or have a good picture to share, and I sit down at the computer to post...and what happens??? Well, I log on, then that friendly little icon pops up that i have mail (translation...someone likes me!) so I have to check that, then possibly click on some links. (because sometimes it is sales that like me...especially IKEA) which leads me to other places on the web, then I think of what I've been meaning to search for on Etsy, then go to my Bloglines. then possibly a messenger conversation or two, then who knows what...but what we do know is that it IS NOT a post on my blog. I really need to work on thins! Maybe no e.mail checking until post-posting???