Sunday, November 30, 2008

the challenge

the challenge starts tomorrow...

*no i will not be sharing my actual weight...but i will be accountable to all who read. (hi mom, and Becky. And Lisa...that probably about covers you all) = )

Monday, November 24, 2008


I am absolutely doing this! And I am really rather excited about it!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

If anyone actually reads should join the challenge!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

what pictures???

The rejects from
my attempt at Christmas card pictures....


a picture of happiness!

Friday, November 7, 2008

i fell off the blogging wagon

please forgive me.

I have been childless for 2 nights. and let me tell you, you think of all the things you will get done when you have a minute to yourself and various other dreams, but when that minute to yourself don't know what to do. at least I don't. not for 2 nights. One night a week is good, get my bearings, miss 'em a bit, be ready to roll when they get back. 2 nights and I feel like my hands have been cut off. (that might be a bit dramatic....maybe)

I'm ready for their return now. I've even planned what we'll have for supper tomorrow night. (sad huh?)

Good Lord help all of you if I'm still blogging when college comes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

day three

here I am am again. This really is a record people!

Made it to work on time again today. The girls were great this AM, I find that helps alot! AND after wok we ran errands (including grocery store) and had supper ready, eaten and dishes done by 6pm! That is huge. (in all honesty i have to admit I was off work at 2pm...but c'mon. still impressive right???)

I just signed up for my first coupon shop thingy. Holle--I know you are proud of me. (she is capable of making store actually pay her just for the pleasure of having her shop there) I signed up for 'The grocery game" now, all you readers (hi you 5) if you go and sign up, give props where they are due...right to me. you can get a free subscription if you refer 3 people. I'll keep you posted on the money I make from spending! (you ladies understand the logic I speak of)

Tomorrow and friday no school. YIPEE! (wouldn't it be sweet to be a kid again??) I'm observing that I apparently really like to use parenthesis. I've just learned this about myself. See, something good has already come from this everyday posting thing.

I'm still waiting for the deep thoughts to come spilling out like they do for all the "everyday bloggers" that I read. nothing yet. I can't talk too much about the divorce because the kids know this blog address. and that's not really my style, but that has kinda knocked the wind from my sails for a bit, so bear with me and i promise i will find less frivolous things to post about than my money saving schemes, but for now that's the best I got!

until tomorrow....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

day two

I'm on a roll people.

now, a newcomer to the group (what group you ask?! well, if you are reading this consider yourself part of the group) my friend Lisa has started a blog she needs some comments to "feel the love". Heck i need some comments for that reason too.

Big news. i got to work ontime today. even had time to drop off a utility payment and drive thru the credit union. good start to the day. I'll have to wait a few more days to officially declare it the new norm, but we are getting closer. Lord willing.

i'm gonna go watch the results come in.

~until tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

what i should do...

I should make a promise to post for at least 2 weeks. I seem to think i need some good pictures or something very movingly philosophical to say.(which I rarely have). But I don't really need that. I just need to get my lazy butt off of other peoples blogs and put some effort into my own! can I get an AMEN????

So, Here ya have it! 2 weeks of posting everyday! remember. you asked for it!

There are some major changes afoot here in the 'used to be yellow house'. The girls and I are trying to find our new normal and a morning routine that gets me to work on time. (mental note: NOT checking blogspot in the AM would help with that goal!)

Then today the evil big dog chewed up the new home-phone-cell-phone. jerk. I'm not sure what the phone did to cause such a rumpus, but apparently something horrific judging from the results.

Ok, better not blow all of my news in one day.

until tomorrow. I promise.