Monday, July 10, 2006

With neighbors like these...

So, we have a little war going on with our neoghbors, Joe and Emily. Our weapon? A rather sizeable orange cone. It all started while they were on vacation. Somehow this orange cone appeared in front of their van. It stayed there for a few days after they returned, We joked about it and one night put it on the roof of their van. Joe shimmied up and got it off. We all laughed about it and apparently war was waged. Joe laid low for awhile, Mike and I joked that he must be plotting something good. We thought maybe we would wake up some morning with the cone lying in bed between us. We were close.... I got home from the pool one day last week and found this......

This picture doesn't do justice to just how steep the pitch of our roof is. I believe Joe may have risked life and limb for retaliation definitely raised the bar. Now the question is what do we do in return?

If you have any suggestions e-mail them to me. Joe and Emily read this, and I don't want them to see what's coming.

4th of July...

Thought I would share some 4thof July pics:

Friday, July 7, 2006

We love the pool!

The girls were so excited!!!! They "taught" themselves to swim. They are doing great they go all the way under to get stuff off the bottom of the pool. We bought them some goggles, which apparently are like spinach to popeye. They are so happy. "It makes the pool so much funner!"

Alayna is concerned, she wonders why, it seems "the 4 year old get all the talent? They can push off and kick and everything just like she can, but they're so much smaller!" It was pretty high drama.

Synchronized swimmers in the family????