Friday, July 7, 2006

We love the pool!

The girls were so excited!!!! They "taught" themselves to swim. They are doing great they go all the way under to get stuff off the bottom of the pool. We bought them some goggles, which apparently are like spinach to popeye. They are so happy. "It makes the pool so much funner!"

Alayna is concerned, she wonders why, it seems "the 4 year old get all the talent? They can push off and kick and everything just like she can, but they're so much smaller!" It was pretty high drama.

Synchronized swimmers in the family????


Beckyb said...

Ok - so my smarter than smart cousin is now passing me up on blogging talent - how did you get that cute picture by your name??? And - I LOVE THE POOL PICS - those bathing beauties!!


JulieAnn said...

Looks as if the girls were having a great time!!

Connie said...

Swimming--ahh looks good. I'm starting computer training. You have a nice day.