Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Why? why? why? .... I know we are not supposed to question, but why do these accidents happen? to loving mothers and fathers, who do everything in their power to protect and love their kids, why???

It absolutely breaks my heart to say that Benjamin passed to heaven last night. He is now eating marshmallows in Jesus' lap.

We all prayed hard for a miracle, now we need to pray just as hard for Ben's family {Dave, Steph, Gabe, Eli and baby Elise + extended family} While it is great comfort that little Ben is in heaven, that does not mean it doesn't hurt to be seperated, even with the promise of seeing him again....

Thank you for remembering them.

{Ben dressed as Theodore for Halloween 2009, his brothers were Alvin & Simon}

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keep 'em coming

Little Ben Ricketts now has a caringbridge site. read, comment & pray....

Monday, May 17, 2010

please pray...

I just learned that yesterday they found my friend Steph's 22 month old son not breathing with the cord from the blinds wrapped around his neck. He was airlifted and in critical condition, not breathing on his own, and they were monitoring brain activity.

The update from 4 hours ago said the last CT looked improved, and they are monitoring the swelling in his brain. Please pray for this little guy, his name is Ben.

spread the word.....

Sunday, May 16, 2010


because I don't want whining to be at the top of my blog:

Westin has been "training" for a 1 mile fun run

~9:39 to be exact.

much to her dissaproval they postponed the run due to flooding on the trail. {until Aug 28!!!}

She was not AT ALL happy about this.

and as she was fuming to me, she said

"I just don't understand why they couldn't just make it a dose-athon...

then we could just run and swim."

Took me a second to catch up with her thought process {!!!!}

then I laughed for quite awhile.

she is 8.

might whine a minute

ahhhh....the fighting... I am so tired of the fighting and arguing.

with the girls

amongst the girls (someday I will miss the sound, right?)

amongst the dogs

with the ex

with the adjustor and contractor

amongst the adjustor and contractor

and doing it by myself...

in other news, my brothers perfectly wonderful fiancee and I finished painting my fence yesterday.
related :: picket fences suck to paint.

Not to worry, I promise to be more cheerful in days to come.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

picture run down

Things are happening around here. Difficulties all over. Nothing I can do about them, but this being an adult thing is WAY overrated. Hmmm... it will all be ok. It has to.
anyway.... I shall distract myself with a picture show.... Here we go....
We had a hail storm. This is the storm that launched a zillion knocks on my door, and a huge headache for most of Cedar Falls.

I got a snazzy new camera. still difficult to get 3 dogs in 1 picture.

Josh & Stacy had a shower. It was alot fun, and the wedding is coming right up!

So there is a quick little run down for ya. more to come.