Monday, November 3, 2008

what i should do...

I should make a promise to post for at least 2 weeks. I seem to think i need some good pictures or something very movingly philosophical to say.(which I rarely have). But I don't really need that. I just need to get my lazy butt off of other peoples blogs and put some effort into my own! can I get an AMEN????

So, Here ya have it! 2 weeks of posting everyday! remember. you asked for it!

There are some major changes afoot here in the 'used to be yellow house'. The girls and I are trying to find our new normal and a morning routine that gets me to work on time. (mental note: NOT checking blogspot in the AM would help with that goal!)

Then today the evil big dog chewed up the new home-phone-cell-phone. jerk. I'm not sure what the phone did to cause such a rumpus, but apparently something horrific judging from the results.

Ok, better not blow all of my news in one day.

until tomorrow. I promise.

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