Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here it is...

YEAH! The new school is open!!!

Well, here it is Westin's first day of kindergarten. Last night they opened the school up so that everyone could go and tour and find their rooms. This helped the girls and especially me sleep better.

Westin had a blast and happily said she would go back tomorrow!

Needless to say Alayna was very excited to finally have Westin at her school! After seeing the school last night she kept telling Wes that school was going to be so fun. Westin finally said "I know, I know, You've said that like 20 times!" It was kind of funny. Both girls wanted us to just drop them off so that Alayna could walk Westin to her class. It was sweet, but a no-go. I wasn't letting go any sooner than I had to and somehow those 2 minutes seemed rather pivotal.


sarajo said...

Cute! I'm glad you survived! It's neat that the girls are so close. That's precious. Hope they (and you) have a great first week! What are you going to be up to?

-Sara (Reinertson)

Beckyb said...

Hey - Am I so old that they had to renovate my school???!?!? Too funny! Glad the first day went well -


sara m. said...

Sara- I'll be working. My schedule is just 9-3 M-F and 9-2 wed since the girls get out of school at 2:15 on Wed.
Hey--send me an e-mail my address is

Becky--Yes, you are that old!! Ha! The new school is awesome!