Friday, October 27, 2006


I found these two little monkey's in our neighbors lilac tree. Bob, the neighbor just recently told them that they are more than welcome to climb the tree whenever they want to, as long as it is ok with Mike and I. Well, little did Bob know...he was my excuse to keep both of their feet firmly on the ground. I just told them that it wasn't our tree and Bob probably didn't want people climbing in his tree.

There goes that excuse.

Here is the funny thig: I very clearly remember climbing up into some VERY high trees with Josh when we were little. I don't know how my mom didn't have a heart attack. I'm no good at all at that whole "let life happen,,,they'll learn" thing.
I shall work on that!

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Anonymous said...

Where are you blogger lady?? You're taking after your brother now!!!! :)