Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flip Flop Summer Tour

A whole crew of us (10 in all) rented a 12 passenger van and traveled to Des Moines Friday night to see Pat Green, Sugarland and, of course, Kenny Chesney! It was AWESOME. What is it about concerts that makes the music that much more meaningful, inspirational, cool....whatever you want to call...just that much more everything???

If any of you ever get a chance to go to a concert with my brother, I would highly recommend you do just that. You will NEVER see a happier individual in your life, than Josh at a Kenny Chesney concert.


Our Blog Dedication: said...

Hello Sara! Thanks so much for your supportive comment on our blog! It meant the world to me, especially coming from a mother of two! :)
Hugs- Amy and AJ

darice said...

Well, I'll comment too :~) Concerts make or break a musician and create or crush an avid fan!! I love, and live for, live music (too bad hubby doesn't). BUT....don't take me to a concert and feed me any alcohol - talk to Crystal about that one!! We'll have to do one sometime ~ Cheers ~ D.