Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So my brother,Josh, who I tend to like very much, usually, when he's not throwing things at me, like green beans and such, got engaged on Saturday. Stacy , his fiance (that's fun to write) we love and treat her as a member of this messed up family. (yes. she occasionally gets food thrown at her too--it's a rite of passage) The proposal was perfect and very Josh like. I was proud of him.

So congrats Josh & Stace, looking forward to the big day!
and lots of fun between now & the big day!

at Red Rock in Colorado. nice little Photo-op.
Hanging out in Colorado, aren't they a cute couple? I hate them for it. you should join me....
*this is Stace showing her enthusiasm for their new PS3. she was excited to loose him to the basement to yet another gaming system...oh, wait that is a grimace, maybe not excited???
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