Monday, May 22, 2006

All the girls!

My best friend has two girls, Rory(in orange), who will be
3 in August and Soren(in stripes) who just turned 1.

The conversations these four children have are hilarious! Westin is a little mom to Soren. It is a riot. In this picture Westin was a little upset that she had to go to bed when "the girls" were still at our house.

And no, that hand is not growing out of nowhere, Holle is holding Soren, but knew this picture was going on the blog and she's a chicken, so she would rather appear grossly deformed than voluntarily have her picture taken.

So, we're on our 4 hour drive to our cousins on Friday, my mom forgets her purse at the last restaurant we ate at. Westin has a serious problem with this. She is reprimanding "Grandma Connie" in the sternest voice a 4 yr. old can muster. I hear things about how it is her job to remind grandma to take things and various overly dramatic statements, then with a completely straight face, and no humorous inflection in her voice at all Westin says to "grandma Connie..."Now, are you picking up what I'm laying down?" Someone tell me, what do you say to that????
(tears of laughter are all she got from me)

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