Monday, June 12, 2006

Meet Raina.

So, Mike and my mom decided they were going to surprise me with a black pug puppy to name Raisin. Anyone who knows me knows that I've ALWAYS wanted a black pug. Well, turns out that was just in theory. Once it became a reality, I did my research. Pugs sound like they are high maintence. I'm not sure I'm responsible enough for all that work. Kids I can do. A pug? Not so sure. The whole eye care thing kinda freaked me out and the snorting and they can't be outside in the heat. I don't know how many of you have seen my brothers new dog? I'm here to tell you anything less tan 50lbs. doesn't have a prayer. So, I decided we needed to go to the pound to see what was there before we went and paid good money for a specially made dog. So, my hopes aren't up real high, I'm kinda just out there for the sake of my guilty soul. So we're walking through nothing really catching our eye. UNTIL...the last kennel on the left.There she is... Meet Raina....Our new to us 10 month old rottweiler. She is a great dog! We brought her home tonight, all she wanted to do is sleep with the girls. (we're mean, we won't let her) We walked to the Western Home to visit my grandparents and she did great. Her and Zoeie get along well. We actually took Zoeie out to the pound to check that out before we got her.They both are so easy going.

Moral of the story...We love Rottweilers in theory and reality!


Connie said...

Good pix.
sweet dog. I think you made a wise choice.--Mom

Beckyb said...

Ok - now we need to come out and see the new pup!!! Love the pictures!!

Holle said...

What a nice dog! Rory says, "I think she will like me when I visit her!"